No Patience Zone

So who else is a Wizard of Oz fan and remembers the super creepy Lollipop Guild Munchkins? I watched that movie so much when I was little that I should know the lines by now. Mind you, I didn’t know that they were actually saying “lollipop guild” until I looked up this scene! I heard “lollipop,” but the rest always sounded like gibberish or Munchkin talk. Here’s a little flashback for you fans:

Anywho, my very own munchkin, Little L, will be 20 months in a few days. Time flies when you’re pumping breast milk, staying up all night, and changing diapers. Most of those not-so-pleasant things have been history for a while now–no more pumping and staying up all night for some time. And we will work on the diapers soon…hopefully. However, Little L’s current stage is a beast of an entirely different color. Instead of only eating and sleeping (sometimes I really miss those days), she flat out tells me and her Daddy “No” and purses her lips when she doesn’t get her way.

Little L. After we came home from the store one day, she threw a tantrum then fell asleep on the floor...smh

Little L. After we came home from the store one day, she threw a tantrum, then fell asleep on the floor. I had to laugh…smh

One of the things that I say to her now is, “You gotta learn patience baby.” (At least that’s the way I say it when I have a lot of patience.) When she sees a bag of cheese puffs, she has to have it RIGHT NOW. When she wants some milk, she starts smacking her lips in anticipation as soon as I touch the refrigerator door. When the cashier hands me a receipt at the store, Little L starts whining to hold it as soon as that piece of paper hits my hand. She has no patience. That’s something that we will have to teach her.

Quite honestly, I’m not much better with being patient myself most of the time. Instead of going from A to B to C, I want to go from A to Z right away and get flustered and frustrated when life doesn’t work that way. I feel myself getting better, but it’s still a struggle from time to time. But as they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” If you are like me and Little L, struggling with patience, know that there is a time for everything. There’s a time to sow and a time to reap. Eventually, all the seeds you are sowing will produce a bountiful harvest. We just have to take it slow and steady, but most importantly, never give up.

In addition to not giving up, we have to show ourselves the patience we deserve as we work towards our goals and work towards becoming better people in general. It’s ok if we don’t have it all together at every single moment. We are all works in progress. The point is we are working on it. Let’s be patient with ourselves, our munchkins, and all the people that try to test every ounce of patience that we have this week.

All you positively optimistic & powerful peeps, be sure to stay up-to-date with all the popped goodness we have going on at our Facebook page. Until next time loves… 😉

8 thoughts on “No Patience Zone

  1. Frugal Fab Mommy says:

    Great read! My babygirl will be 18 months this month and geesh she’s quite the impatient, little, busy body. All that energy bottled up in that little body. That pic of your daughter on the floor knocked out is so cute. New subbie!
    Check out my new blog if you get a moment.

    Thanks 😊

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