Fearless Friday 4.16.15 (We’re All Good Enough)

Source: Rosie the Blogger by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com, after J. Howard Miller, 3/9/09 via flickr

Source: Rosie the Blogger by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com, after J. Howard Miller, 3/9/09 via flickr

This week I was afraid of…

Not being good enough.

I’ve really been on my blogging grind this week. I joined Brown Girl Bloggers last weekend and have been requesting friends, reading a lot of great blogs, and reaching out to other like-minded bloggers. There are so many phenomenal blogs out here that I wish there were enough hours in the day to sit and read them all several times. I’ve been inspired by so many twenty and thirty something women creating a name for themselves and making cash money from their hard work. They’ve shown me that it’s possible to use my writing to build brands, community, and bands (the type that makes some people dance).

But of course along with that inspiration came that green-eyed, snaggletoothed fool otherwise known as Envy. She took over my brain and put dirty little thoughts in my head. I don’t have as much style, talent, [Insert the blank] as this blogger or that blogger. I wish I was more like them.

Then after snaggletoothed Envy came her sister, Insecurity. What if these fantastic bloggers really do check out my blog? That would be great, but what if they don’t like it? What if they think it’s poorly written or even worse…just plain boring?

Today, I remember…

Instead of letting the fear that I’m not good enough permeate too much of my mind, I choose to meditate on the Popped Black Woman Blog Affirmation.

II. I am more than a conqueror over obstacles, anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. They will not prevent me from pursuing my dreams.

V. I will not compare my shortcomings or achievements to those of others. My journey is mine.

VI. I will only compete against the person I was yesterday.

If I keep working hard at becoming a better writer, encourager, and community builder, I can’t go wrong. Each post that I write helps me become a better writer and blogger. It’s not fair to me when I compare my success as a writer or blogger to someone that has been putting in work for years.

I just read a great blog post by PHAT Girl Fresh about the current Miss Jessie’s Blogger Book Tour. The entire post is great, but I especially love the short backstory on the Branch sisters. It took Miko and Titi Branch 7 years to transition from salon owners to owners of a popular hair care line. Then, it took another 10 years for their brand to be what is today, a household name for every natural-haired girl worldwide and popular enough for them to publish their success story. Even if you’re a natural gal who has never used their products (I haven’t), you’ve at least thought about it, or at the very least, heard of it. It took them decades to accomplish this. Again, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

What were your fears this week? What did you do to become fearless? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.

13 thoughts on “Fearless Friday 4.16.15 (We’re All Good Enough)

  1. Shahidah says:

    Ive been attacked with a lot of fear the past 2 months. Im still getting up and facing ut but some days i feel like it would be simpler to just sit still….let life lead and take a backseat but then im stubborn too. Lol
    great post and Im going to take a look a brown girl bloggers…i love joing stuff like that. Thanks for sharing


    • poppedblackwomanblog says:

      Thanks for reading and sharing that. It’s so tempting to just stay stagnant and let the fear win, but what fun would that be?! We gotta ride AND steer this roller coaster!!! 😉 I hope you like Brown Girl Bloggers! I’m gonna look for you on there soon and add you as a friend 🙂

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  2. cbarbee203 says:

    I’m not sure if I should reply, seeing this is a “sista-centered” blog. However, I do enjoy your writing, it’s open, honest, and inviting. We all just gotta keep on keepin’ on. I’ve decided to follow your blog, as I admire your journey. In-kind In-support

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  3. Toya says:

    That’s a great affirmation! I need to memorize those. One of my fears has been about me getting stuck. I’m not doing what I want to. I want to work with youth but my job holds me back since I work until 4:30 or 5 and a lot of youth programs start right after school. Luckily I reached out to a Saturday School and volunteered for the first time yesterday. I’m looking forward to this snd hopefully it will help me to be confident in my skills or working with kids. I kept feeling unconfident about it because of my lack of experience. It had me feeling stuck that I’d do the job I’m in forever instead of a job working with an organization or starting my own program. I’m taking baby steps though. It won’t happen over night.

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    • poppedblackwomanblog says:

      Thank you! I need to plaster them on my forehead, hand, or something lol. I’ve had the same fears! My lack of experience in basically everything I want to do (lol) makes me question myself. But, you are so right–the key is taking baby steps!! It’s so hard to have patience, but I’ve been learning that the journey is what life is all about, not the destination. Each small success towards what we want should give us joy and make us so proud of ourselves! I’d love to stay updated on your Saturday School volunteering experience! I’m sure it’ll be great 🙂

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